June 22-23 2019 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Experience 8 extraordinary Visionaries LIVE from Fort Lauderdale for 2 Days in a loving and supportive environment. The inspiration, guidance, and tools you receive this weekend will propel you forward in fulfilling your Purpose, bringing forth those burning Desires that you’ve held deep inside, thriving in all areas of your Life and assisting you in Reigniting Your Light.


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Shine together RIYL

Regardless of any obstacle you may be facing, you can accomplish your goals with a little insight and an open heart.
It’s not as hard as you might think to close the gap from where you are now to who you want to be.

You are on Earth to DO something BIG.

You are the Light my Friend!

And we are honored to support and hold space for you to Reignite and Experience that Divine Spark that lies within You.

 Imagine yourself in a space with other willing participants surrounded by a loving tribe of incredible souls doing the inner and outer work required to make this world a better place.

Welcome to the Reignite Your Light Summit!

This is an in person, hands on, full body experience designed to impact the mind, body, and spirit of all who attend. 

Creator 2

 Be prepared for a breakthrough, whether it is in your business, relationships, emotional well-being, health, finances or career, as our visionaries are here to lead the way. It is one of our greatest desires to assist you in fearlessly opening your hearts to being seen and heard. 

 Reignite Your Voice!

It is unique and powerful and here to create changes in your life and this world.

 Together, we will share this adventure with you and guide you in unleashing your full potential, connecting you with your greatest purpose and reigniting your passion for your life. Let’s make your wildest, most magnificent dreams a reality!

Yes! I am ready to be the true me!

Head Shots 5

Robin Rose

Robin Rose is an author,
spirituality-empowerment coach, event coordinator, retreat leader, and artist who has devoted her life to the “reawakening of our authentic spirit” to guide other towards a fulfilling and abundant life.

Meet Robin

Meet Your Hosts

Our Vision
Each of us has an incredible ability to create the life we want to live.
A life that is healthy, vibrant, abundant,
and filled with passion and joy.
The Reignite Your Light Summit brings together presenters who are at the top of their fields and who have the gift of being "real." Our presenters love what they do, and they want to teach and share information, experiences, and inspirations that help others to love and live their lives fully in order to move forward in the most powerful and authentic ways they can.

Our vision is to see the each and every attendee unlocks a piece of themselves that sets them free to be all they want to be in life while having fun doing it!

Joelle St Germaine - MS

Joelle St. Germaine

Joelle St. Germaine’s greatest desire is helping others to heal their hearts and souls, especially through sacred journeys, retreats, and conferences.


Meet Joelle

Meet Your 2019 Presenters

Join some of today's leading-edge life style entrepreneurs, inspirational guides, personal coaches, and business experts, who have successfully integrated their spirituality into all aspects of their lives by authentically being themselves. They live to inspire, guide, and educate on how to become the most powerful and successful person you can be, by just being you.

Amber Lilyestrom Headshot 2

Amber Lilyestrom

Amber Lilyestrom is a transformational branding strategist and business performance coach, writer, and speaker. 

Meet Amber


Angela Henry Sorenson

Angela Henry Sorenson M.M.F.T., is a Licensed Professional Counselor, trained hypnotherapist, intimacy coach, spiritual teacher, author, and workshop facilitator for couples, women and teens. 

Meet Angela

Christian Sinclair LS

Christian Sinclair

Christian Sinclair is spiritual teacher and mentor, spiritual activist, minister, speaker, and author.


Meet Christian


Kellie Kuecha

While much of her life since the age of twelve was consumed with amassing success in business, Kellie Kuecha has spent the last 2 1/2 years far away from the working world and learning how to redefine her purpose at home, as a wife, a mom and without the identity of her decades business success as a coach.

Meet Kellie


Madelyn Moon

Madelyn Moon is an author, podcast host, retreat leader, and transformational life coach teaching perfectionist, masculine-minded women how to slow down and step into their feminine flow.

Meet Madelyn

Head Shot RC

Rachel Camfield

Rachel Camfield helps people honor themselves and expand to new levels of authenticity, connection, and performance through her work as a inspirational speaker, writer, and coach. Her ability to hold space for truth to emerge paves the way for transformations of all sizes to bloom.

Meet Rachel

It's time to live my dream!

You can create a purposeful, abundant and joyful life!