January 11, 2020 ~ 1-Day Manifestation Event!

Post Event Workshops on Sunday, January 12, 2019

As Divine beings we have the right to live the life of our dreams, to manifest everything we want, and and to be happy everyday! 

Experience these incredible teachers as they share spiritual insights on how to create the life we have always dreamed of!

Unity of Pompano Beach, Florida

Early Discount $99 (Regular admission $149)



Meet our 2020 Presenters

"So you think Conferences are all alike? Well this anointed event represents a whole new paradigm on how to bring together powerful Lightworkers in order to change lives. If you don't believe me, just ask any attendee."   ~  Lee Carroll, Author, "Kryon" Books



2019 Reignite Your Light Summit

Notes of Appreciation for the Reignite Your Light Summit this past June, 2019

"I love being part of the conference. You and Joelle do a wonderful job bringing it all together and I so appreciate all the love and work you put into it. I loved all the presenters.  Sending you lots of love and light!" Hugs
~ Mary A.

"So honored to be a part of this! And so grateful to both of you."
~ Dee Wallace

“Thank you! The event was amazing, enlightening, and heartwarming. My energy was so high all weekend that I never wanted to leave. It was so amazing to share that space with so many like-minded people. I made amazing friends, learned mind-expanding things, and cannot WAIT until the next one! I liked that it was more interactive, and it really helped me to surrender. I really enjoyed Mary Morrisey and Dee Wallace's lectures. I felt myself nodding along the entire time, and totally resonating with what each of them said. Can't wait until next year!”  ~ Ariell

"I had a wonderful time listening to these inspiring speakers! Thank you Robin & Joelle! Looking forward to next year’s , you do an amazing Conference!" ~ Barb Riddick

"It was a beautiful amazing weekend. Thank you so much for having the conference and having amazing speakers. Can't wait until next time!"
~ Rosemarie Cieslar 

"I truly had a breakthrough weekend. Thanks for the opportunity and the growth!"
~ Namaste, Larry S.