Life is meant to be easy, abundant, fun, and energetic! We don’t have to work so hard to create what we want, and now is the perfect time to tap into our creative power so that we can abundantly manifest the happiness, the joy, and well-being that lives inside us. Isn’t it time that you manifested the life you always dreamed of?

Being a part of this transformational event will open you to a whole new world of possibilities, and these presenters make manifesting look easy!

Here's what you can expect:

  • Angelic guidance and practices to open you to the abundance that surrounds you
  • Channeled Messages - offering clarity to your true nature and enlightening you as to why you deserve to manifest all you want.
  • We’ll take a guided meditation to connect to Spirit and open our hearts and minds
  • Soulful, music to integrate the higher vibrational messages the presenters deliver
  • The company of like-minded people all seeking to live an easier, more abundant life
  • Vendors with life transforming products
  • and more...

General Admission

$99 until October 31st 2019

VIP Tickets

$139 until October 31st 2019

Sheila Gillette

Channel of the 12 Archangels called THEO

Lee Ann Somers

Angel Teacher and Communicator

Deirdre Abrami

6th Generation Psychic Intuitive


Rev. Lawrence Palmer

Unity Minister & Inspirational Teacher

Rev. Bev Spivey

Unity Minister & Inspirational Teacher