2019 Audio & Video Recordings

DEE WALLACE                                                                               $25
Religion, Spirituality and The Brain:
A Complete Formula for Creating the Life You Want
I am convinced that Christ was teaching brain science as God Principle. Please join me in this in depth look at how these three worlds synchronize in expressing the same attributes and belief systems, and how to effectively and consistently create the lives we want through definitive, conscious choice using our personal power. Leave with the clear knowledge of how to create in each moment, and a handout to post for instant clarity. This workshop puts all information together for you, and you leave empowered.

ROBERT MACK                                                                      $25
The Art & Science of Happiness - The Effortless Path to Success
In this scintillating talk, Celebrity Happiness Coach Rob Mack shares the secret to effortless success... And that secret might surprise you! Distilling decades of ivy-league research down into digestible, bite-size pieces that anybody can understand and apply immediately... Marrying it with timeless spiritual wisdom... And demonstrating it with real life examples from his life and the lives of his clients...
Rob will explain how you can experience a happier, healthier and wealthier life with less time, energy, and effort than you ever thought possible!

LEE ANN SOMERS                                                                          $25
Live. Love. Be...U!
7 Steps to living a truly meaningful life that you LOVE! Teachings from the 7 Rays applied to everyday life to create fearlessness, consciousness, open heartedness, divine partnership, wellness, happiness, and freedom throughout all aspects of your being! Also learn how Lee Ann had her Spiritual Awakening and how the Angels came to her to guide her in this power work.

KELLIE KUECHA                                                                             $25
The Yummy Messy Road to Reinvention
Magic Lessons to Ignite the Next Chapter when being Lost in Transition is No Longer an Option
Kellie’s journey will not only inspire you, but also show you that you truly can rise from transition and thrive into your greatest chapter yet. Allow yourself to be transported on a journey of embracing your own Yummy Messy Life as you prepare to ignite the power of your soul magic!

JOELLE ST. GERMAINE                                                                     $25
Embracing Your Authentic Self
My greatest desire is to help others to Embrace Their Authentic Selves, especially through retreats, intensive workshops, and one-on-one integrative transformational personal sessions where I assist the attendees and clients in releasing limiting beliefs, feelings, and traumas in the most loving ways possible. Joelle also leads you though a Violet Flame process to transmute old beliefs into new healing ones. Followed by an I AM chant lead by SarahSpiritual.

ROBIN ROSE                                                                               $25
The Incoming Angelic Order - A Message from Mother Mary
In this talk, Robin will share a recent conversation with Mother Mary about a new order of Angels who have come in to support and assist us in finding our forgotten self. As extensions of Light and Love, their presence at this time is to quicken our remembrance of who we are as divine beings. Part of this message Mary’s shares how to address fear and create more peace within. Robin with the assistance of Patrick Andres then guides you into a Crystal Bowl/Digeridoo healing to integrate and support the incoming energies.

PATRICK ANDRIES is an expert energy healer skilled in coaching, Sound Vibrational Healing, Intuitive Breathing, Bioenergetic Synchronization, and Quantum Touch. He has a degree in physics and biology with an advanced teaching certificate in metaphysics. He is the author of Owner’s Manual for the Mind, coauthor of Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed, and cohost of the syndicated weekly radio show, Spirits Journey. He has been teaching and applying metaphysics for over 20 years. Learn more about Patrick at IntuitiveSchool.com.

2019 Scholarships - Each year we give scholarships to those who want to come but are financially challenged. You can purchase a scholarship for someone to be a apart of this awesome event.

2019 Full Weekend of Presenters Lectures                                           $135

Dee Wallace, Rober Mack, Kellie Kuecha, Lee Ann Somes, Robin Rose, Joelle St. Germaine, Patrick Andres - Get the full weekend of lectures, chants, processes and meditations. 

 2020 Reignite Your Light Summit - 

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