2019 Exhibitor Information

Booth Details:

Each booth space is approx. 6' x 8' including one 6' table with 2 chairs. The tables are covered and skirted, but you can decorate and add your bling to make them authentically you.

  • 1 ticket to the event
  • Promotion on the Reignite Your Light website.
  • 1 booth  $397   (1 event ticket) any additional tables $75
    $250 Non refundable deposit
  • As of April 1, 2019, booth must be paid in full at time of booking.
  • If a prior partial payment was made, credit cards on file will be charged the balance on or after April 1.

Full booth details in agreement. - There are no refunds on booth spaces.

Click here for the vendor application.

2019 Exhibitors


HerQuest Experiences - The Intensity of Your Experiences Sets the Tone for Your Life

HerQuest.Net guides women to free themselves from perceived limitation so that they embrace the awareness of how to foster the life they want.  The tools and strategies allow each woman  a personal journey to rediscovering her preferences in soothing and stimulating her mind, body and spirit.  Service Lines are continually evolving with a blend of virtual and experiential personal discovery workshops and retreats, as well as solo guided journey's and group adventure travel.

Website:  www.herquest.net 
Contact:  Jhinkle@herquest.net cell 774 634 5298


The Light Leaders Academy is a heart centered fifth dimensional global community of Visionary Light Leaders. Our mission is to provide mentorship and guidance through educational programs to visionary entrepreneurs seeking spiritual consciousness development. We provide Soul Level guidance to support your alignment with the Cosmic Christ Heart on your "path of inner transformation to wholeness and well-being" to live in Unity consciousness.

Our offerings include intuitive counseling sessions, Heaven on Earth Prayer Circle, Akashic Records Certification Classes, Sacred Women's Circles, Energy Healing, Priestess Classes and Women's Retreats.

Website: https://laurahosford.com    https://lightleadersretreats.com

Contact: Lightleadersacademy@gmail.com

Books by Dan Millman and Robert Mack.

Dan Millman

Robert Mack

New World Library

Mark Evans Author of "The Third Reading"


Endorsed by Michael Beckwith




Inner Speak


Our mission is to offer the most comprehensive workshops, books and radio shows on self-development and metaphysical topics such as life purpose, astrology, dreams, past lives, mind-body health, quantum physics, karma, relationships, Atlantis, and more!

Our offerings include books, CD’s, intuitive past life, health, relationship and business readings, dream interpretation, iris, palm and numerology readings, quantum energy healing and intuitive coaching.

Spirits Journey


Dee Wallace: 

Custom made pendulums, books, mugs, Conscious Creation Audio Books, Dvd’s


Instagram: @thedeewallace - Twitter: @dee_wallace - Facebook

Free call in show (319) 527-6305. Conscious Creation Radio

Kellie Kuecha

Kellie Kuecha




Christian Sinclair

Intuitive Readings




Lee Ann Somers










Candis Hickman

Becoming Known




Robin Rose-Joelle St. Germaine

Books, cards, summit audio recording

Reignite Your Light Summit

Robin Rose

Joelle St. Germaine

Website: Unity of Pompano Beach

Living in GRATITUDE Today gear was created to support people in maintaining a GRATITUDE Practice regardless of life's circumstances. Join the Living in GRATITUDE Today Movement (www.LivingInGratitudeToday.com/join) and get your Gratitude Journals, AFFIRMATION bracelets, and inspirational shirts. www.Pinterest.com/LivingInGratitudeToday

"In just ten minutes, discover the amazing treasure map your ancestors left you with a macro photograph of your eyes and an Irigenics mini ancestral eye reading. This brief reading reveals your inherent gifts - talents; (as well as some of the unresolved traumas of your ancestors). If you'd like to know the full story of what your ancestral patterns reveal, you can book a dedicated ancestral eye reading video or the internationally acclaimed My Eye Mag. My Eye Mag is a 36-page custom digital ancestral eye reading report that was awarded the Silver medal by COVR (the Coalition of Visionary Resources) at the International New Age Trade Show (INATS) as a visionary product of 2019."  https://irigenics.com/

Watch this video on how this incredible program works.

Watch Video Here


Program Guide Advertising:

We have ad space in our program. To purchase an ad, the prices are as follows:
A. 8x10                                 $100      High quality JPEG – 300dpi
B. 4x5                                   $75        High quality JPEG – 300dpi
C. Business Card                $50         High quality JPEG – 300dpi

For space availability and full details please fill out the contact form below and some one happily get back to you.

As our contribution to the nature we are going "green" with our program guide so it is now digital.